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You cannot predict life, and that makes the choice of a criminal defense attorney critical. At Fulgham Hampton Arlington Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping defendants achieve a more favorable outcome when facing criminal charges.

Why We Stand Out as Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyers

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At Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys, we prioritize your freedom. When you are accused of a crime in Texas, you need a vigorous defense attorney to protect your rights. Our legal team has the skills and experience to assist clients facing criminal charges, making your defense our top priority.

We handle various criminal defense cases in Arlington, Texas, including assault charges, theft and property charges, drug crimes, DWI/DUI, and domestic violence cases. Our attorneys have experience defending clients against these charges and are committed to achieving dismissals, acquittals, and favorable plea bargain arrangements.

So, if you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime in Arlington, Texas, always promptly seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Without proper legal representation, you may face severe penalties that can significantly impact your life.

Also, act quickly to counter the prosecution’s case, avoid costly mistakes, investigate the facts, negotiate with prosecutors, and better understand the Texas criminal process.

Our Practice Areas

At Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys, we defend clients against assault, theft, property crimes, drug crimes, DUI/DWI, and domestic violence. The information below gives you more details about what you may be facing.

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Assault Charges in Texas

Assault refers to threatening someone with harm or intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing them physical injury. Simple assault does not involve weapons or serious injuries – it covers threats, offensive touching, or minor scrapes not requiring hospitalization.

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A more severe type of assault with weapons is charged as aggravated assault.


  • Simple Assault: Class C misdemeanor – punishable by fines up to $500
  • Assault Causing Injury: Class A misdemeanor – up to one year in jail, $4,000 fine
  • Aggravated Domestic Assault: Third-degree felony – two to 10 years in prison, $10,000 fine  

Aggravating factors like the use of weapons, the type of harm inflicted, the attack on public servants, and relationship dynamics determine sentencing. Repeat offenses also carry harsher penalties.

Theft and Property Crimes  

Theft involves unlawfully taking property to intentionally deprive the owner without consent. Theft classifications include shoplifting, burglary, embezzlement, extortion, and receiving stolen property. Criminal mischief laws cover willful property damage.

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  • Thefts under $2,500: Misdemeanor
  • The value of property stolen – $2,500-$30,000: State jail felony  
  • The worth of the property taken – $30,000-$150,000: Third-degree felony
  • Over $300,000 worth of property taken First-degree felony

Sentences range from fines to life in prison based on the dollar amounts of what was stolen or damaged.

Drug Crimes

Texas categorizes illegal drugs into penalty classifications based on a drug’s danger and risks of abuse. This is done to align punishments with the severity of an offense. Charges span possession, trafficking, distribution, manufacturing, and delivery.

Penalty Group 1:
  • Covers the most dangerous drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. 
  • Any amount for personal use is a felony, leading to six months to two years in prison and fines of as much as $10,000.  
  • Possessing over 400 grams may increase prison time from 10 to 99 years, including up to a $100,000 fine.
Penalty Group 2:
  • Includes unlawful drugs like PCP, ecstasy, and fentanyl.
  • Less than one gram leads to felony charges of six months to two years in jail and/or up to a $10,000 fine.
  • Over 400 grams earns a possible five to 99-year sentence and up to a $50,000 fine.  
Penalty Group 3:
  • Refers to prescription drugs like Xanax, Ritalin, and anabolic steroids when abused on a recreational basis. 
  • Less than 28 grams leads to misdemeanor penalties, including a maximum of one year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine.  
  • Over 400 grams increases sentences to up to 99 years and a fine of up to $50,000.

Marijuana Possession


Less than two ounces brings misdemeanor charges. Felony offenses apply for larger amounts – up to life sentences for quantities surpassing 2,000 pounds.


It is illegal in Texas to operate any motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher. Charges vary depending on driver age, impairment level, priors, and accident involvement. While DUI cases refer to minors under the age of 21, DWI laws pertain to adult drivers.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes threats or harm inflicted on family or household members. Relationship dynamics lead to increased sentences, given the vulnerability of victims living in close quarters with the abuser. Restraining orders are, therefore, common.

Where You’ll Find Us if You Live in Arlington

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, it is important to consider their focus, courtroom litigation experience, resources, and investigatory skills. You also need to factor in their local reputation and results, commitment, compatibility, communications, and whether or not they charge reasonable fees.

Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys in Arlington, Texas, offers these credentials and benefits, and we’re ready to defend you right away. Contact us at (817) 877-3030 for your confidential, free case review. Our main office is located at 4354 West Vickery Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107. We’re adjacent to the Chisholm Trail Parkway (Toll Road). Contact us anytime, day or night.

When facing criminal charges in Texas, it is vital to promptly retain the services of a skilled defense attorney. Failure to secure proper legal representation can leave you susceptible to severe penalties that may have long-lasting repercussions.

In other words, you don’t want to place your fate in the hands of a prosecutor – someone who may seek to maximize your charges and sentence.

Engaging the skills of a qualified Texas defense lawyer can help level the playing field and safeguard your rights throughout the legal process.

Several factors underscore the urgency of hiring criminal defense counsel:

  • Prosecutors in Texas move swiftly following an arrest, initiating formal charges and commencing the discovery process to gather evidence. In response, an attorney can immediately begin refuting the prosecution’s efforts, identifying weaknesses in the state’s case while pursuing avenues for dismissing charges or securing an acquittal. 
  • You can make costly mistakes if you try to follow a Texas criminal procedure without legal training. Even seemingly harmless statements made to the police can detrimentally impact your defense. A defense attorney is adept at identifying legal pitfalls and challenging questionable evidence, thereby mitigating potential errors – errors that you may overlook during the legal process.
  • Furthermore, a criminal defense lawyer thoroughly investigates the facts, delving beyond police reports and complaints. This enables a lawyer to construct a solid defense. 

Since many criminal cases in Texas resolve through plea bargain deals, an experienced legal negotiator can seek charge reductions, minimized penalties, or alternative resolutions in your criminal defense.

Moreover, attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of Texas criminal law, staying abreast of emerging case legislation, sentencing guidelines, and available defenses against specific allegations.

Defending Texans Facing Criminal Prosecution 

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At Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are committed to waging an aggressive and strategic defense for our clients. Here’s how we’ll help you if authorities charge you with a specific crime.

Challenging Allegations of Assault 

Interpersonal disputes or moments of frustration should not land you behind bars when a lawyer gets involved.

We have successfully dismissed and achieved not-guilty verdicts in simple assault, aggravated assault, and domestic violence cases by challenging questionable testimony and improper use of force claims while employing affirmative defenses.

Our attorneys pinpoint inconsistencies in police reports or witness statements and present compelling facts to the court. In domestic assault scenarios, we leverage relationships and circumstances to minimize penalties. We protect your future by never backing down, regardless of the complaint.

Reviewing and Defending Theft and Property Crimes  

Allegations of theft, burglary, or criminal mischief should not be taken lightly, especially in Texas’ unforgiving judicial system. Before making a plea bargain, we investigate questionable circumstances behind stolen property or destruction claims.

Often, improper conduct by investigators, illegal searches, or insufficient documentation undermine the validity of a charge. Therefore, we have frequently won outright dismissals and acquittals for clients facing jail time over theft accusations – purely by exposing sloppy procedures. Our team leaves no stone unturned – from forensics to timelines.

Learning More About the Circumstances Surrounding a Drug Possession or Distribution Charge

Texas hands down some of the harshest drug crime penalties nationally, but this does not deter us as lawyers.

We have successfully dismissed multi-pound marijuana trafficking charges by challenging the legitimacy of field drug tests and searches. Simple possession cases get thrown out routinely by exposing questionable evidence handling practices.

In cases involving prescription or other serious narcotics charges, we frequently negotiate sentence reductions by clearly articulating mitigating personal and health factors for discretionary sentencing. Let us put our forensic experience and plea bargaining skills to work for you.

Checking Flaws in DWI and DUI Cases  

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Drunk driving charges profoundly impact reputations and day-to-day life in Texas. We aim to protect your privileges by disputing breath & blood test machine calibrations or flaws in field sobriety testing procedures.

Knowledge of medical conditions also explains many false positives. We uncompromisingly defend rights against machine inaccuracies and testing errors during arrests. Our DWI dismissal and reduction track record speaks for itself. Fight back!

Taking a Closer Look at Domestic Violence Allegations 

False accusations and exaggerated narratives tragically emerge from volatile relationships, separation disputes over children/property, and contentious divorces. We, therefore, clarify the actual circumstances of a case to prove false allegations or push for dismissals in the interest of family reconciliation versus prosecution.

In straightforward cases involving abusive behavior, we negotiate alternate resolutions aimed at rehabilitation over punishment. Whatever the case, our priority is defending your future.

When selecting the most suitable Texas criminal defense attorney, you must consider various factors.

Review an attorney’s:

  • Legal focus and experience
  • Courtroom litigation experience
  • Resources
  • Investigatory skills
  • Local reputation
  • Compatibility
  • Fees

Why It’s Better to Ask for Our Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney’s Help

If you try to go it alone in a criminal trial, you’re virtually guaranteeing you’ll get convicted. After all, criminal law is complex and involves negotiations with savvy prosecutors. Indeed, when you don’t have legal representation, you face a high-pressure and stressful pursuit.

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Ignorance of the Law Isn’t an Excuse

Skilled defense lawyers dedicate years to mastering volumes of perpetually evolving criminal codes, sentencing guidelines, courtroom litigation strategies, and case law – spanning everything from assault to DUI charges.

Depriving yourself of a lawyer’s skills and experience will cripple your defense. Even lawyers avoid self-representation! Why should you?

The Emotional Distance is Lost  

A detached voice of reason is better, especially when criminal charges can evoke trauma and anxiety. If you try to defend yourself, you won’t have that additional shield available to you. This safeguard prevents you from sabotaging your case in the form of an emotional outburst or strained negotiations.

No Insider Access 

Prosecutors tout high conviction rates for a reason – they play by predictable scripts targeting under-informed defendants who represent themselves. Consider what the other side expects first before you decide to represent yourself.

Complex Laws Demand Vigorous Challenges

The complexity of procedural rules, admission of evidence, law enforcement techniques, and constitutional rights makes every case different. An attorney might reverse any initially harmful evidence.

Plea Bargains Require Professional Negotiation 

With over 90 percent of convictions resolved through plea deals, self-representing defendants may easily get strong-armed into inflated punishments, ignoring better options. Attorneys negotiate firmly based on case specifics and leverage defendant backgrounds for maximum sentence reductions.

If you want to tip the legal scales in your favor, you need to phone Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys at (817) 877-3030 now.

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