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The Law Firm You Can Trust with Your Fort Worth Criminal Charges

Choosing a defense attorney to help you deal with criminal charges in and around Tarrant County is a huge decision. Fort Worth law enforcement officials – and our great state of Texas in general – take crimes very seriously. Depending on the specific charges you face, a conviction could come with truly severe consequences.

Years behind bars. Ridiculously high fines that you struggle to pay. Restrictions on driving and where you can live. The removal of your gun rights. These penalties and others can have a huge negative impact on your life, making it harder to do things that most people take for granted.

The only thing that stands between you and a conviction? Your lawyer.

At Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys, we know just how important it is to choose the right criminal attorney to defend you in your case. Pick someone who does not really understand the nuances of your particular charge and they might end up missing something vital that could lead to a more positive outcome. Work with a lawyer who takes on too many cases and they will not be able to give you the attention you deserve.

So how do you know that a particular Fort Worth defense attorney is the right one for you? It comes down to their track record.

Why More People in Tarrant County Should Choose Brandon Fulgham to Defend Them against Criminal Charges

When most people talk about the track record of a Fort Worth criminal lawyer, they are referring to case results. In that regard, Brandon Fulgham’s record is exemplary.

In his years of protecting people’s rights, Mr. Fulgham has been able to get countless charges dismissed, dropped, or reduced, or to secure a positive verdict when a case ends up going to trial. Being able to point to specific instances in which an attorney was able to secure a successful result handling your specific charge is incredibly important, because it shows you that they understand that law and how to craft winning strategies. This is not the only thing that “track record” can mean though. Mr. Fulgham’s record includes his entire history, what it says about working with him, and how it has impacted him as a Tarrant County criminal lawyer, including:

Understanding Texas – and Texans. Brandon Fulgham knows Texas criminal law inside and out. He received his undergraduate degree at TCU, then went to South Texas College of Law in Houston – a school that US News and World Reports frequently ranks as a top 10 school in the specialty of teaching trial advocacy skills.

While still in school, he interned at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the First Court of Appeals in Houston. After school, he worked at the District Attorney’s Office in Collin County and then at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office in Fort Worth.

In short, he has spent his entire career immersed in Texas law, working with and around the people who make up the Texas criminal justice system and handling cases involving Texans. He knows the area, he understands how local law enforcement officers work, and he has been able to build relationships with the right people.

Working for the other side.

What did Mr. Fulgham do when he worked for those District Attorney’s Offices? He was a prosecutor. Specifically, he held the following positions: Misdemeanor Court Chief Prosecutor (Collin County) Misdemeanor Prosecutor (CCC6, CCC1 in Tarrant County) Felony Prosecutor (213th District Court in Tarrant County ) Grand Jury Prosecutor (Tarrant County)

That means he spent his days coming up with strategies designed to help put alleged criminal offenders behind bars, working in both District and County courts and presenting hundreds of cases in front of grand juries and judges.

Why is this a good thing for you? Because it means that Brandon Fulgham has firsthand knowledge about how prosecutors think and the strategies they use to build cases against accused individuals. This is knowledge that he uses in every single case he takes on to anticipate what the prosecutor is going to do and plan against it. That way, he comes in prepared to poke holes in their argument and raise doubts, things that increase your likelihood of getting a positive outcome.

Being recognized by peers and clients alike. The awards, honors, and overall praise that a defense attorney receives can tell you a lot about how good they are at their job. In his years of working to protect the rights of people in and around Tarrant County, Brandon Fulgham has received a 10/10 Avvo rating (2016), been named as a Top Trial Lawyer (2015-2017) by the National Trial Lawyers Association in criminal defense, and has been on the list of top Fort Worth attorneys by Fort Worth Magazine (2103-2017).


State Status Acquired Updated
TX Eligible To Practice In Texas 2004 07/28/2017


School Name Major Degree Graduated
South Texas College of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2003
Texas Christian University Finance BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration 2000


Title Company Name Duration
Trial Attorney Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys 2009 – Present
Assistant District Attorney Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office 2006 – 2009
Assistant State’s Attorney Collin County District Attorney’s Office 2004 – 2006
Legal Intern Harris County District Attorney’s Office 2000 – 2001


Award Name Grantor Date Granted
National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers 2014-2017
National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 2014-2017
Fort Worth Top Attorney 2013 Fort Worth, Texas Magazine 2013
Lead Counsel Lead Counsel 2017
Top Criminal Defense Attorney AVVO 2014-2017
Top DUI & DWI Attorney AVVO 2014-2017


Tarrant County Bar Association
Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Texas Young Lawyers Association
Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association


 Case Name  Outcome
 State v. M.E.  Dismissed-Theft case
 State v. D.D.  Dismissed-Drug charge
State v. J.M. Dismissed-Felony Drug Case


Publication Name Title Date
AVVO Legal Guides Texas has little tolerance for domestic violence 2014


Conference Name Title Date
Peoples Law School Criminal Law Know Your Rights 2014
Career Day Duties of an Assistant District Attorney/Prosecutor 2009


When seeking out a Tarrant County defense attorney, you absolutely want someone who has successfully handled your specific charge before. However, it is also wise to choose a lawyer who has handled a Texas criminal cases in a variety of areas so they are able to help if additional charges are added in your case – an occurrence that is fairly common.

Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys is able to take on many criminal charges including:

If you do not see your charge on this list, it does not mean that we are unable to help you. The best way to know for sure is to get in contact with our office.

Start Defending Your Future Today by Reaching Out to Fort Worth Defense Attorney Brandon Fulgham Remember: a charge is not a conviction. Under the United States and Texas Constitution you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. A skilled Tarrant County criminal lawyer may be able to use a number of different strategies to help you beat – or at least minimize – the charges and consequences that you face.

Brandon Fulgham has used his knowledge and experience to help countless Texans just like you, but he cannot begin working on your case until you get in touch with our office. Start defending your future today – schedule a free initial consultation by filling out our simple online contact form or calling (817) 877-3030.