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Want to erase your Criminal Record?

How is Record Sealing accomplished in Tarrant County?

An expunction is where you are trying to erase your criminal record as a result of a dismissal/no-bill, completion of deferred adjudication for a class C Misdemeanor, or an acquittal. Typically, an arrest is required for an expunction. If you do qualify for an expunction, you need a Fort Worth Criminal Lawyer to file a petition in district court. If the Judge signs the order, the clerk notifies the respondents listed in the petition. Once the respondent receives an order from the Judge, he or she must destroy all files arising from the arrest. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure §55.01 explains in detail the right to an expunction.

Fort worth Criminal Attorney handling expunctions:

Do I have a right to an expunction?

Generally, the two ways to file for an expunction are the following:

  1. Acquittal: If you are acquitted by a trial court or Court of Criminal Appeals and you were not convicted of and do not remain subject to prosecution for another offense arising out of the same criminal episode.
  2. Dismissal/No-Bill: If you are arrested and no felony indictment/information or felony indictment/information dismissed; and statute of limitations has expired or court finds mistake or fraud; and you are released; no final conviction and no court-ordered supervision under 42.12 for offense other than Class C misdemeanor; and you have not been convicted of a felony in the five years preceding date of arrest.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Fort Worth, Arlington or surrounding city and you were acquitted or the case was dismissed, you may be entitled to an expunction. If you know or are not sure if you qualify for an expunction call Brandon Fulgham, a Fort Worth Criminal Attorney, and he will answer any questions you might have.

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