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Because What People Say about Their Fort Worth Attorney Matters

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a Tarrant County criminal lawyer to represent you.

Do they handle your specific type of charge? Have they had success in those types of cases? Can they point to awards and other types of recognition to show that they are respected by their peers?

The one thing that none of those tell you though is what it is really like to work with that attorney on a case. That is why we are happy to post our client reviews here for everyone to see.

Who better to tell you what it is like to have Brandon Fulgham handle your case than the people who have already worked with him?

Read on. Then get in contact with us by filling out our simple online contact form or calling (817) 877-3030 to set up your free initial consultation.

Fulgham Law Firm P.C. is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on approximately 120 reviews from around the Web.
Jeff and his team were amazing! Fully exonerated in no time. Jeff was highly responsive, professional, and well worth every dime spent. Highly recommend!
Liv M.
Great criminal lawyers . thanks for everything. God Bless you
kevin n.
Took care of my situation!
Ivan M.
I called in reference to a probation violation which I had committed another crime in a different state while on probation with Tarrant county and was currently serving a 5yr sentence on probation I spoke with Jeff and within 5 mins he had my trust literally this guy is a genius he took something that would last for months and had it done within 72 hours I am very happy with my out come no more probation or fees or having to worry about a violation he’s the best I highly recommend Fulgham law firm to anyone that’s having trouble or needing legal counsel thanks again for accepting me to the team i can’t thank u guys enough
Russell P.
Very professional and responsive. He is absolutely not one of those attorneys who will forget about you after you pay.
Darlene C.
The lawyers and staffs are very professional and responsive. I was charged with a misdemeanor class B from a ridiculous incident.
Ethan N.
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