Facing a Probation Violation in Fort Worth / Tarrant County?

Are you or someone you know facing a probation revocation in Fort Worth, Arlington or a surrounding city? If so, you need an experienced Fort Worth Criminal Lawyer to fight on your behalf. If you are placed on deferred adjudication or straight probation and the State of Texas alleges you violated your probation, you are entitled to a hearing. You are not entitled to contest the facts of the original charge.

There are two types of probation: straight probation and deferred adjudication. If you plea to straight probation, it is immediately a conviction on your record and your punishment is capped by the amount of exposure time you agreed to in your plea deal. For example, if you were sentenced to two years in prison suspended for five years, you are on a five-year probation. If your probation is revoked, the maximum amount of time you can spend in prison is two years. If you plea to deferred adjudication probation, it is not immediately a conviction. The Judge defers the finding of guilt for the length of your probation. For example, if you are placed on a five-year deferred adjudication probation, you are on probation for five years. If your probation is revoked, you could face up to the entire punishment range available for the crime.

There are many violations for which the State of Texas may try to revoke your probation. Typical violations include:

  • Fail to report
  • Fail to pine fines/fees
  • New offense
  • Fail to complete required counseling or class
  • Fail to complete community service
  • Positive drug test

A probation violation or revocation in Fort Worth or surrounding city could have serious consequences. It is important once you believe you have violated your probation to call a Fort Worth criminal attorney immediately. I have handled numerous probation revocations and it is critical you have an aggressive and knowledgeable Fort Worth criminal lawyer on your side. A probation revocation in Fort Worth could carry with it the prospect of jail time and other devastating consequences.

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