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Where is Euless, Texas?

It is the place people return home to after working in Dallas or Fort Worth. It is the home of the Trinity Trojans and their trio of state football championships in the early 2000s. It is the site of one of Texas’s most decorated festivals – Arbor Daze.

Euless is also a city with an overall crime rate that is 33% lower than the Texas state average and 24% lower than the national average. Separate that into violent crimes and property crimes, and the disparity grows even more. 65% fewer violent crimes occur here than in the rest of Texas, and 61% less than the country as a whole.

There is really no other way to put it: this is a safe city. Criminal acts here are rare – especially violent ones.

Rare does not mean “never,” though. If you do run afoul of the police here, you can be sure that law enforcement officials will attempt to prosecute you to the full extent of the law to discourage others from following in your alleged footsteps.

Whether you are currently under investigation by a federal or Texas law enforcement agency or have formally been charged, the process of dealing with criminal accusations is one of the most stressful and upsetting experiences that an individual can face. Police officers know that suspects are afraid, so they frequently exploit this fear and anxiety to manipulate suspects into waiving their Constitutional rights.

If you are worried about the impact of a jail or state prison term on your future and family, the “mirage” of leniency suggested by a police officer can cause you to make critical mistakes. This is why it is so important to work with a knowledgeable Texas criminal attorney who understands how things work in and around Euless.

The Euless criminal defense lawyers at the Fulgham Law Firm are experienced defense attorneys who have been helping people in the area to successfully battle their charges for years, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Talking to Euless Police by Yourself after an Arrest Is a Huge Mistake

Even if you know that you are factually innocent, you should never elect to talk to the police. Because their real concern is not your factual guilt, but rather how to build a compelling case to deprive you of your liberty.

It’s true that plea bargains are reached that result in a favorable reduction in charges in exchange for a guilty plea or information. However, this type of plea agreement should always be negotiated by your Euless defense attorney rather than as something you attempt to obtain by providing incriminating information and assisting the law enforcement agency and prosecutor in building the case that will be used to prosecute you.

Comments that are innocent may be misconstrued, taken out of context, or even distorted and then used against you in criminal court.

Until you have an experienced Euless criminal defense attorney on your side, the balance of power in any interrogation is remarkably unfair. An experienced police officer may have handled hundreds if not thousands of interrogations. If you have never been arrested before, the oppressive nature of a police interview, behind closed doors with armed uniformed officers hovering over you, can create a great deal of coercion.

Moreover, police officers know the limits of what they can get away with are vastly greater when a suspect does not have an experienced Euless criminal defense lawyer in the room safeguarding the arrestee’s rights. The officers may lie about physical evidence or witnesses they have against you or suggest that you would not need a lawyer if you were innocent. These are merely ploys to induce you to waive your legal rights and protections.

If you have been arrested or the police have requested that you come in for questioning, you should immediately tell them that you do not wish to speak without a criminal defense lawyer present. Call the Fulgham Law Firm today at 817-877-3030.

What Makes the Fulgham Law Firm the Best Choice to Handle Your Euless Charges?

Simply put, our attorneys understand Texas criminal law. We understand the local legal climate, and we know what it takes to get our clients the best possible outcome.

Sometimes, we are able to dismantle the prosecutor’s cases effectively through pre-trial motions that lead to negotiated pleas and result in probation and the dismissal of charges following successful completion of the terms and conditions of probation.

Other times, our extensive knowledge and experience lead us to suggest that taking a plea agreement may be in the client’s best interest. However, we are not afraid to go to trial if we believe it will help your case, and we have been recognized by The National Trial LawyersFort Worth Magazine, and Avvo, among others.

If you decide to work with the Fulgham Law Firm, we will work closely with private investigators and other experts to build a persuasive criminal defense for you, all while challenging the admissibility, accuracy, and reliability of the state’s evidence and witnesses.

If you have a loved one currently in jail in Euless, you may call the jail desk at 817-685-1576 or 817-685-1577 for more information. The Euless city jail is located at 1102 W. Euless Blvd, Euless, Texas 76040. Please visit the City of Euless website for more information regarding jail questions:

The municipal court is located at 1102 W. Euless Blvd, and the phone number to reach the court is 817-685-1460. Please visit the City of Euless website for more information on the municipal court:

Euless Charges That We Can Help You With

One of the most important things to look for in a Euless criminal lawyer is that they have a successful track record in taking on the specific crime that you have been charged with. That is why, at the Fulgham Law Firm, we handle all kinds of criminal offenses in Euless, including:

If you do not see your charge here, reach out to us. This list is not exhaustive, so the best way to know for sure if we can help is to get in touch.

Contact a Euless Defense Attorney at the Fulgham Law Firm to Start Protecting Your Rights Immediately

Being convicted of these crimes can lead to incredibly severe consequences, including lengthy prison sentences, exorbitant fines, probation, community service, counseling, and classes, as well as negatively impacting your reputation, ability to get a job, and more.

The best way to protect yourself, your family, and your future is to work with a knowledgeable lawyer to fight your Euless charges. We understand you may be apprehensive about the future. We provide candid information, so you can make an informed decision.

Our Euless criminal defense law firm engages in a tenacious pursuit of the best possible result for our clients. Call us at 817-877-3030 or contact us online to start fighting for your tomorrow.

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