Charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle?

If you have been arrested, charged with, or are currently under investigation for the unauthorized use of a vehicle in Texas, a fundamental step you should take is to hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney to represent you. Facing this serious felony charge can be life altering, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in monetary fines, being sentenced to extended jail time, and having a permanent criminal record. It could also damage your professional and personal reputations, making it difficult for you to find gainful employment or attend the academic institution of your choice.

Due to the potential consequences associated with being convicted of a felony, it is crucial to speak with one of the Fort Worth criminal defense attorney at the Fulgham Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible. Whether you made a mistake or are being falsely accused of the unauthorized use of a vehicle in Texas, our attorney are ready to help you fight for your rights and interests. Your freedom and life depend upon it!

When you meet with our seasoned team of legal professionals, we will take the time you need to review your evidence, develop effective defense strategies on your behalf, and help you achieve the most favorable outcome in your case. Keep in mind that during the police and/or prosecuting attorney’s investigation of your case, you should avoid saying or doing anything without having a qualified Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer by your side. As most people are aware, anything you say can and most definitely will be used against you in court. Don’t sacrifice your rights – contact the Fulgham Law Firm, P.C. today to learn more about how our seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you.

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Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle

Under Texas Penal Code § 31.07 entitled “Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle,” the law provides in pertinent part that: “(a) [a] person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly operates another’s boat, airplane, or motor-propelled vehicle without the effective consent of the owner. (b) An offense under this section is a state jail felony.”

Being convicted of this crime could result in a possible penalty of up to $10,000 dollars in monetary fines as well as extended jail time, from 180 days to two years. The exact imposition of penalties in a given case depends upon the jurisdiction where the alleged crime occurred and the nature of the underlying offense. Regardless of the circumstances, we will safeguard your constitutional rights at all costs.