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The Importance of Your Criminal Defense Attorney’s Positive Reputation

Choosing a criminal defense attorney to defend you against criminal charges can be nerve-wracking. After all, your freedom can be adversely affected and you could face a litany of other serious consequences for years to come—or even over the span of a lifetime. Moreover, a criminal conviction can leave you unable to obtain a job, take out a student loan, possess a firearm, obtain a professional license, work with children or hold public office—and this is only the beginning of the long-term consequences.

Legal firms which have positive reputations have earned those reputations over time. They have defended hundreds or thousands of clients just like you. Those clients—just like you—likely called a law firm when they were in trouble. They were also probably scared, anxious and facing an uncertain future. The law firms with positive reputations not only have the best legal minds, they have the resources necessary to engage the services of experts and specialists to help defend you against the criminal charges you are facing. Mr. Fulgham has this positive reputation.

Brandon Fulgham is a former Tarrant County and Collin County Prosecutor. As such, he held the following positions: felony prosecutor, grand jury prosecutor, misdemeanor prosecutor and misdemeanor court chief prosecutor (Collin County). While employed at the Tarrant County and Collin County District Attorney’s office Mr. Fulgham tried over 75 jury trials in both district and county courts. Mr. Fulgham has also tried numerous cases to a judge, and presented hundreds of cases to the grand jury. At Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys P.C. you will find a criminal lawyer who is aggressive and experienced in handling criminal cases.